The first meeting is very important and I would say that it depends on the relationship.

Here’s what to avoid on the first date:
No noisy places first meeting should take place in a pleasant environment, where you can talk and get to know better. If you’re planning a night club where the music is very loud, you better change your mind. Clubs have loud music and people partying trying to have a good time, this might not be the first place you would want to take your date if you’re trying to get to know them.  You can always go to clubs once you are together, it would be much easier to enjoy yourself then oppose to a first date choice.
The meeting can also be Internet in the century of speed, if you do not have much free time, more and more people get to use dating sites to meet potential partners.
If this is your case, you could have a first appointment Internet to see face to face.
Although it is recommended to discuss and try to meet him/her one that will have a face to face meeting before you actually go on a date.  This will make it easier for the two of you to mesh well considering you’ve both seen each other prior to the date.

No relatives on the first date certainly do not want your partner to feel uncomfortable, so do not take brother, sister, mother, father or uncle and even aunt with you, even if you’re baby sitting for the moment do not bring relatives.
Better postpone the meeting, than to miss and not the type you want to see.
Do not talk too much about career or about yourself, get to know the other person by allowing them to speak.  Don’t make the date all about you, it’s suppose to open new relationship doors and by doing so you must get to know the other person.
Talk a little about your career, then move on to more personal things. He (she) must like you, not your job

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